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© 2018 by Brooklyn Brass Band Collective, Inc. / New York, NY / info@ltrainbrass.com


The Brooklyn Brass Band Collective and its performance ensemble The L Train Brass Band (LTBB) serve the NYC community by providing a truly unique, engaging—and most importantly, FUN—experience for adult musicians of all experience levels. Our mission is to empower adults to pick up an instrument and make music. We foster a safe, structured, and friendly creative environment by promoting self-expression and welcoming individuals from all musical backgrounds and walks of life. We engage with the public, community leaders, and educational organizations to support and accelerate the accessibility of NOLA brass band music in NYC, and beyond.


Brooklyn Brass Band Collective, Inc. is a New York State nonprofit supported by its members and the community at large. The organization holds 501(c)(3) status, making it tax-exempt. All contributions are tax deductible, and go to support the collective and its mission.


Ryan Hall

Founder | Board President | Tuba

Music has always been a huge part of Ryan’s life—having nearly two decades of bass guitar performance, six years of marching band, as well as countless performances, arrangements, compositions, and recordings spanning many genres. Now a recovering Music Education Major, Ryan recently returned to his first musical love—the tuba—after a 10-year hiatus. During his time “off the horn”, he honed his administrative chops managing a chain of franchise music schools before settling into his current career in strategic marketing. Ryan originally formed LTBB simply to have a fun, regular group for himself and others to play, but accidentally created a second family (that’s anything but regular)! He also has some fancy-looking pieces of paper including a BA in Music and a Masters in Arts, Entertainment, & Media Management.

Dave Joseph

Music Director | Board Vice President | Trombone

Cultivated in the shadows of the city itself, Dave has brought his trombone across the country and around the world. As an avid student of jazz and popular music styles, Dave career has included working with various ensembles, start up bands, and independent recording projects for over a decade. The L Train Brass Band represents one of the latest and most exciting performance projects in Dave’s rap, hosting a constant source of kinetic energy.

Alex Harris

Operations Director | Board Treasurer | Trumpet

Not only is Alex a leader to the L Train Brass band, but she’s also a shining example of the success the band can achieve. She joined L Train hesitantly at its early stages as we were preparing for our first performance with The Mermaid Parade and hasn’t stopped playing since. Tentative at first, Bad Brass Betch from now on, Alex now runs the show. Appropriately from Denton, Texas and a UNT graduate, Alex is often herding the band to wherever it needs to be, or she’s livening up the party.

Ally Chapel

Marketing Director | Alto Sax

Ally has always been inspired by art and culture. Raised in Colorado, she is daughter of two artistic parents. Her mother is a painter and art teacher; her father is a writer and musician. Ally has played music since third grade, including at the Denver School of the Arts and the University of Colorado, Boulder. Ally moved from Denver to New York City and didn’t waste a moment before jumping into the music scene. After playing with the New York Jazz Workshop Big Band for nearly a year, Ally found the L Train Brass Band and immediately decided to use her professional administrative and design experience to help the LTBB achieve its goals. 

Minerva Johnson

Member Experience Director | Board Secretary | Trumpet

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Minerva was shaped by the blend of musical styles that brings NYC to life. She strives to try it all - from Classical to Jazz, Latin to Funk, Marching Band to Pit Orchestra, she welcomes every opportunity with open arms. During her time at NYU, Minerva explored unique musical experiences including a duet for Trumpet and Steel Pan, playing alongside 90 other trumpets on city streets, and briefly setting down her trumpet to play a singing bowl. The L Train Brass Band is her newest adventure, supporting her desire for musical variety and fun without fear. Minerva hopes to encourage others to venture outside of their musical comfort zone and is proud of LTBB for providing a judgement-free place to do so.

Joe Fusca

Drumline Captain

In music and in life, Joe believes in one simple principle: We are all in this together. While we may beat different drums and walk to different beats, our future is shared. Joe has been a musical learner, listener, and teacher his whole life. After receiving his Bachelors in Music Production and Engineering from SUNY Purchase, Joe took his passion for sound back to school earning his Masters in Music Education from Columbia University. To this day Joe has taught over 1000 students in K-12 arts and music programs throughout New York City. Joining LTBB on bass drum has allowed Joe to do what he loves most, keep the beat!

Marc Basch

Assistant Art Director |


Marc brings the NOISE. As LTBBs Loudest Member (TM) on snare and cymbal, he brings the NOLA street beat to his hometown, NYC. A High School teacher and photographer by day, leading the team as an Art Director has given him the opportunity to bring that loud creative voice to LTBBs visual storytelling and work closely with the marketing team to develop our image as NYC's premiere brass ensemble!

The musicians of the L Train Brass Band gave the most amazing performance for the residents of Bushwick. It is the goal of my office to bring the community together and make sure that we have done everything possible to make residents' lives that much happier during the holiday season. Thanks to the L train Brass Band, we brought some joy to families who are facing financial hardship and their contribution has allowed the residents to reconnect with their community.

Council Member Rafael L Espinal, 37th Council District-Kings