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Since its humble beginning in 2017, The L Train Brass Band (LTBB) steadily grew from a small brass band enthusiasts’ meetup to what is now a thriving community of nearly 80 contributing member-musicians. LTBB is the main performance ensemble of the Brooklyn Brass Band Collective (B3C)—a nonprofit organization founded in 2018 to accelerate opportunities for the group’s members and support the greater community. This collective approach allows the band to adapt to a variety of public, private, and educational performance situations from a 12-piece party band to a massive marching unit, or virtually anything in-between.


It’s been quite a ride for The L Train Brass Band. This past year, they were featured on the Today Show, won Best Music Group at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade for their second year, performed at Preservation Hall, and paraded through New Orleans. LTBB is a repeat artist at NYC’s Governor's Ball and HONK! festivals, and even founded their own annual festival—Brasswick. The band performed for the U.N., marched with Amanda Palmer through Woodstock, NY, and will be featured in The End of the Line, an upcoming documentary about the state of the NYC mass transit and the L train in which the band takes its name. 


This diverse group of talented musicians is genuinely excited by the opportunity to play anywhere and everywhere, covering a wide variety of music, from pop and hip-hop—to funk and traditional NOLA jazz—to eclectic original charts. No matter where this train ends up, the primary goals are “fun first” and “keeping it weird.”

L Train Brass Band was founded in March, 2017 by self-proclaimed low brass nerds Ryan Hall and David Joseph, and was brought to life by the visionary art direction of Ally Chapel (who created this beautiful webpage) – with a huge thanks to our entire leadership team and our dedicated members for making this crazy idea a reality.

While our American brass band tradition is deeply rooted in the New Orleans style jazz, we pride ourselves is performing a diverse repertoire that is influenced by British, Latin, and Balkan band music as well as a mix of hip hop, funk, R&B, and pop.